Strategy Developing

Developing a ‘Future-Proofed’ Sustainability Strategy As the world’s largest container shipping company, Maersk Line transports more than 15 percent of all shipped containers. In an industry that transports more than a third of the value of global trade—and accounts for about 4 percent of the world’s carbon emissions—Maersk Line has a tremendous economic, social, and …

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Chocolate Logistics

Logistics for global chocolate manufacturer Logistic delivery solutions for global chocolate manufacturer in NYC A themed tourist attraction with visitor centers located around the world required temperature-controlled shipping and delivery for their chocolate and fragile souvenir products. dfYOUNG created a customized solution to meet their near-daily delivery. Project main goals The Client replenishes its visitors’ …

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Bio-pharma Packaging

Packaging for bio pharmaceuticals Packaging solutions for global bio-pharmaceuticals manufacturer Palletized shipping was causing damage to pharmaceutical samples. ZYL Logistics helped to create a custom solution to protect the shipping and storage for this global manufacturer. Clients Needs and Our Goals Damaged shipment problems persisted for several years at great financial loss to the Client. …

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Temperature Shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping solutions Large chocolate manufacturer seeks temperature-controlled shipping solutions One of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world seeks a shipping solution for their products that are sensitive to moisture, heat, freezing conditions humidity and temperature changes. Logistics features for the Chocolate manufacturer Product is sensitive to moisture, heat, freezing conditions, humidity, and temperature …

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